18 March 2010

Goddess of the Last Minute

Started reading this book the other day.   This woman is me or at least the me inside my head.  So far Meet the Goddess (the first chapter I so totally relate too it is scary).  The only difference is her husband seems to totally accepts the Goddess and hasn't tried to change her lol.... maybe he did in the beginning... though it doesn't sound like it.   Mine still thinks that one day I will be tidy and he will come home to a spotless house.... never going to happen unless we have visitors.... I am going to stop meeting the quilting girls or going on retreats or doing workshops or disappearing into the sewing room for a few hours...  Instead he says I have broken him lol I tell you he ain't broken enough because the voice still works and he can still whine a lot lol...  wonder how many years it will take for me to fix ...  sorry break that.

But I digress, the book wasn't what I expected, but I think it was the book I needed at this point in time.  If you have the unstoppable urge to make stuff to the exclusion of all else you need to read this book as we obviously are not alone.

I have been trying to workout how I am going to make it to the Bazaar next weekend.  It is a Sewing Day with the girls on Sunday so I can only go on Saturday (2 days out on the weekend more whining ...see above) plus out to tea with other girl friends friday night....more....  Now I find out it isn't where I thought it was, doh! which means that maybe I should drive and not take the train as I intended which might mean I won't be away for quite so long... might get a brownie point (doubt it)  Mind you it never was where I thought it was I just was not reading the address properly.

Me reading stuff and thinking completely something else is also a concern in our marriage....Don't ask about the Nit treatment instructions that I misread 4 times and wondered why the critters wouldn't crawl up just die once and for all....my excuse was I had just had the big H and the anesthetic obviously addled my brain. Or maybe the instructions JUST WEREN'T CLEAR ENOUGH.


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

I had to laugh reading the first paragraph...it sounds like me and DH. He likes to say things like "we need to...", which always means me, not him and not us at all LOL.
Fortunately haven't had the nit problem yet, but I know how frustrating alleged instructions can be.
Enjoy the book, afterall its not like the housework is going to be magicked away (especially by he who whines LOL)
Hugs, Sharon

Hugs, Sharon

Leanne said...

I'm hoping we are doing the Bazaar in the morning?