04 March 2010

Lovely Night Out

Went to dinner with the girls last night.  We went here.  I just felt the need for good Greek food.  It has been very windy here in Adelaide since the weekend but last night it was a wonderful balmy night just great for sitting outside and eating good food and talking LOTS.  We went to celebrate my birthday which was nearly a month ago and it was so much better than my actual birthday, thanks girls.

Every one else thought it was a great night to be out too and Henley Square was packed with people enjoying what will probably be some of the last days of summer.  I didn't take my camera but here is Henley 3 weeks ago and it was more like a true autumn day, but this is the middle of February.

I have been researching tools for the Dyeing day and supplies and have found the wax tools we need.  Have to just source some fabric to dye on....but I am working on it.


Sue said...

Had a great time ... it was good catching up. Thanks for having a birthday!!! Cheers S

Leanne said...

Good to Estia's was good well done on the dying research.