16 March 2010

Progress Progress Progress

See the block in the previous post... now there are five more blocks to add to it.

Went to stitching today and have finished the outside of my bag for Viv (no blog). She is happy with my colour choice.. yeah... which is a great relief because I just chose them on a hunch.  Before I started stitching I had a bit of a hunt in the shop and came across the Day in the Country micro spots, checks and stripes.  I have selected a few pinks, might go back for some purples and maybe some yellows though yellow isn't my colour it will add interest to the quilt will have to think about it.  So now I am all inspired and the quilt that is in my head is gradually making its way to the computer might even be able to start stitching when we are away on the weekend.... maybe not.

I have learnt how to make words and thick stems now (thanks Judy for the page no.) so I am happy with the way the templates are coming out and I am figuring how to use my Bamboo tablet which is actually quite fun.  So far I have kept it hidden from the kids we will  have to see how long that lasts.

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