18 November 2010

Creative Space

This week's creative space sees me in a mess again lol.  What else is new? I hear you ask.  Well there has been a bit happening on the creative front.  I have delved into the stash and pulled out a few treasures to make some bags to go into the possible market stall stash.

Do you see that fabric on top it is from a range called Florentine which was a Christmas range about 5 years ago (actually it is probably older than that).  Lots of sparkly gold bits through it and some of the prints had beautiful angels on them.  Haven't found those ones yet, but I think this little snip will be all that I can spare for the stall but I did cut another one out for myself.

And when you are making lots of stuff you need supplies so I also got some lovely soft wool felt pieces from Craftumi and a fantastic stash of zips.   It think the felt will be used for embellishing some of the bags.  

This week also sees me battling an inner ear infection, which if you have ever had one you will know makes life interesting to say the least.  The tablets that the Dr have given me seem to be working most of the time but yesterday I was so disorientated I had to come home early from work and get my hubby to drive me.  Dr has told me 1 - 6 weeks for it to get better I am hoping for the 1 but somehow I don't think that looks likely as when the tablets wear off in the words of Kylie "I'm Spinning Around".

Now back to marking my pattern pieces.

and I forgot again so for more check out kirsty My Creative Space


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Intriguing amount of colours there Amanda. It'll be interesting to see what you come up with .

I even admired the zip collection!

Hope your ear infection clears quickly. I was left partially deaf from an ear infection 9 years ago, so it's alwways best to get onto those right away.

Cotton Kiwi said...

Inner Ear infections sounds dreadful! Hope you are over it soon. Loving your stash of supplies for your markets. Hope they go well.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I hope you are on the mend quickly, ear infections are awful - I used to get them all the time.
Have fun with your new supplies!

Mrs A said...

love your bits and pieces, looks like versace! I know what its like to have those symptoms, so hope it goes away quicly,

Karen said...

Oh Amanda, I feel your pain. I had an inner ear infection many years ago and the nausea and dizziness was almost unbearable. Get well soon Hun.

Carolyn said...

I hope your ear infection isn't labyrinthitis as I've had that a few times and it's awful - and does take a few weeks to recover from!

I really love your fabric and can imagine it would be hard to part with! I have a Christmas fabric from many years ago with deers on it that I occasionally use small pieces of to make ornaments but I dread the day I run out of it!

74 Lime Lane said...

glad you can still be creative despite the inner ear battle! enjoy your new supplies!

Sue said...

Good luck with all the creating for the market stall ... looks like you are jumping right into it with great gusto!!! Hope you are feeling better soon too!!! Cheers S