22 November 2010

New Toy

Got up early this morning and as it was nice and warm it didn't take a 20 minute debate with myself to get out of bed and go for a walk.  My ear seems to have settled down a bit so it wasn't such a dangerous mission as it was last week when I found myself tripping up and having to really concentrate to keep walking in a straight line.  

On the weekend I swapped my phone for a new iphone which has taken a bit of getting use to, but gradually I am working things out.  Have downloaded an essential quilting application... just because I could and a couple of other things.  Have failed to send a picture to Leanne she keeps getting blank messages with just pxt in it.  If anyone knows what I have done wrong can you tell me.  I can receive pictures fine and email stuff with pictures in it.  I have worked out how to increase the volume on the phone now.  
This week I made a start on Market stuff and have finished 5 bags and worked on some jewellery last night.  So I am very happy with what I have achieved though I know if we get the stall I will have to ramp up production.  Next week I will be starting another set of things (which I can't show you because it is my project from Homespun which was on their stall at Australian Quilt Market ... very exciting) and working on Christmas pressies for girls just waiting on a delivery from the postie. 


Mrs A said...

you are doing well to be up and about, new ph tech is tricky for us old farts! My hubbie got one and had to get the neighbours kid to show us how to use it! Hope the market stall is successful!

Shay said...

I havent changed my phone in three years because I dont like change. Plus I just use it to send and receive calls. I realise I should probably get in to the 21st century but I dont want a phone that does my thinking for me. Eventually I'll be forced to get a new one and it'll take me three years to learn how to use it again...sigh.

Love the market projects. How could you not get a stall!

Kris said...

Love the photo of your morning. I love my iphone. Killed one at the beginning of the year and was lost without it. So glad when I got another!

Leanne said...

Well done you on the walking. The bags look good.

Marg said...

So pleased to hear your ear seems to be better, that middle ear thing can do horrible things to your balance. I love iphones although I don't have one at the moment. I love all the apps you can use. Lovely morning photos, please don't take and post any more Vegemite photos, I'm still recovering,lol!
Very pretty bags, looks like you will be busy creating some lovely things if you get the stall.