25 November 2010

Creative Space

I'm not playing this week, have done bits and pieces all of which I can't show you as most of it is for people who read my blog.

Last night went to drive in my driveway and I saw a frog jumping across my way it was too late to stop, so I expected a pancake frog when I got out of the car but it wasn't he must of jump out of the way just in the nick of time.  I have been hearing frogs on and off for a month or two and the rain must have bought him out.  It amazes me how they find our house because we are a good 3 blocks away from the local creek, but we have found them in our pool from time to time and last night this guy was jumping around in our garden, from the amount of slugs, snails and millepedes around not to mention the fly's at the moment there is probably plenty of food to eat.  We had a cool change yesterday and lots of rain so they must have bought him out from his hiding place.

Looked for him this morning but he wasn't anywhere to be found.
So if you want to find more creative places than mine check out kirsty My Creative Space

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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

We live less than 500 metres from a reservoir and I never see frogs!

At least you didnt squish him. He'll be back. Check under your pot plants...