10 November 2010


I was surfing on the net yesterday and went to the Madeit Blog site and there emblazoned with RED letters it says 6 Weeks till Christmas.   UGGGH.  So Cherry Pops is quilted and yesterday I tied off all the threads which had me wishing that I had done it while I was quilting it (which I did for Karen's don't look now quilt).  To tell the truth I am kind of feeling like I have lots of balls in the air and don't quite know where to start.

Yesterday Leanne and I put in an application to do a market stall.  We have been UMMMMing and RRRRing about pro's and con's and in the end decided that we might as well give it a go.  Who knows SA blog readers might come and buy some of our wares and with any luck we will cover our costs.   I was putting the application together and Leanne had all these wonderful pictures and I was thinking what have I put up 4 things, I had  better get my act into gear.   So last night I drafted a wrap skirt for my daughter, I put the pattern up to her just to make sure it would fit sitting it on her waist and she said no that isn't where it goes it goes here and she pulls it down on her hip.  Ok so tonight I will have to modify the pattern slightly.  Then I should be all set to sew up a storm.

My plan in between all the Christmas sewing is to make a start on possible Stall items so that I have an idea how long it is going to take to stock the stall.  We have a couple of weeks until we find out if we are in so hopefully I will have enough items in that time to have a good idea how we will go post Christmas rush.  And if we don't make it I have a good start on a Made It store which I signed up for last week.

The girls at sewing want to make some of my ornies so I have to prepare the pattern which is currently available as a download so that I can print it (lots of lovely photo's in the download though).  This has been thwarted by the fact that my new laser printer has run out of toner, so I will be heading to Office Works to print them off instead because the toner cartridge is nearly what I paid for the printer.  So I will just slot that in to the To Do list as well.


Leanne said...

Oh well it is now in print so no more pondering better get sewing.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I got exhausted reading that post. I'm sure you'll sew up a storm and get that stall stocked in no time. I cant wait to see if you get "approved" because I'll be there with bells on.