12 November 2010

Favourite Things Friday

First a finish, I decided to tackle this little number last night, it is a pattern by the wonderful Nicole Mallalieu.  I can't recommend her patterns enough they are a class in a pack.  All her instructions are very clear and easy to work out (maybe not at 11pm which is where I came unstuck last night) I stopped when I found I skipped a page but it only took about 10 minutes to finish this afternoon.  

And now for my favourite thing Friday.

5 years ago I inherited some money when my grandfather died and I decided to spend a little on this.  I traded in my 2000 special quilters edition bernina to buy it (a decision I have regretted because one day the squid could have used it and also it was lighter and easier to take to classes) oh well I won't be selling this one if I ever want to upgrade.

It gets a fair workout.  I bought it for the BSR which I no longer use as I found that it doesn't like the peddle to metal speed that I tend to keep it at when I quilt.  But it is a workhorse and when it does start to play up I take it to Otto's and he fixes her just like a new one, gotta love a reliable machine mechanic.

Do you want to play along or check out a few other's FFF go to Mrs P's.


Mrs A said...

i have an old bernina, and have been eyeing off a new one for some time now, i love the 820, i just have to inherit some money first!!!

Helsie said...

Yes I can see how this could be a favourite thing. Mine's growing on me !!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Thanks for sharing! I don't know much about sewing machines except my uncanny knack to break each one I touch - so, I'll just say from a distance that it looks really nice and I'm glad you like it! :)

Have a great weekend~

Leanne said...

Very nice bag there I would struggle at 11pm if I had missed a page or not.

Kate said...

Very cool bag. Very cool favorite thing. I bought my first Bernina when I got into quilting and I still love it!

Nanci said...

I had an old Bernina that one day just disintegrated! Couldn't be fixed. It was a 740 which tells you how many years ago it was.
I now have a Janome 6600 which I love too, but I did keep the old one as the trade in wasn't worth the value.
That's what I did with my inheritance too, bought that Bernina. $250.00 in 1962

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

She looks like a beauty! Glad you love her. I think we sewing people get very attached to our machines. I always feel sorry for people that buy a mchine and then hate it.

I had an old Elna until 6 years ago and it just kept going and going. I loved that machine. I was really sad when it finally died.

You're the first person to choose your sewing machine as a Favourite Thing, which is pretty amazing since there are so many crafty peeps!

Shevvy said...

That looks a wonderful beast to play with. Long may you enjoy it.