29 March 2011

15 Minute Challenge 29/3 update

Well this week I had a couple of no show days on the creative front but I think I made up for it on the days that I did some, and I did have a new baby to look after.

Tuesday - 2.5 hours basted quilt and QFD project
Wednesday - None
Thursday - 1 hour QFD project
Friday - 1.5 hour QFD project
Saturday - none puppy sat
Sunday - 1.5 hour QFD project
Monday - 1 hour QFD project + 1 hour writing first draft of pattern (which I am including in the challenge because it is part of the creative process.

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Shay said...

You did really well this week Amanda.

I find once I start I spend a lot more than 15 minutes on a project so Im getting lots done on the days I do manage to squeeze in some time. Pattern drafting is definitely part of a crafty process.

How are things going with the puppy?

Thea said...

Looks like you had a very productive week!

Kate said...

Great week. Looks like you did quite a bit more than the 15 minutes. Writing up the pattern definitely counts.

Thanks for linking up today.