21 March 2011

Roadtrip Wrapup

Apparently this post needs to be long according to Mrs P so that she can live vicariously through me, I'll do my best.

So with my two partners in crime we left my place as scheduled just after 1.30pm having not encounted to much trouble getting home because of Clipsal.

With a stop for coffee at Pt Wakefield we made it to Robyn's shop before closing for a quick look around and some shopping.  Off to Woolies for some food and then headed for the Cabin Park to find our accommodation.  To be honest we weren't expecting the accommodation to be great even though we had booked a 3 bedroom cabin, sometimes they are a bit cramped and you are sitting in each others pockets.  However the accommodation far exceeded our expectations and had a big lounge/kitchen area a huge bathroom with spa and 3 excellent sized bedrooms, dishwasher / laundry facilities, we were 3 happy campers.

The morning started at 10 so we had plenty of time to get ready, some of us needed more time than others and we headed off a little early.

The rooms Robyn has available for lessons are fantastic and have wonderful bright light for those of us who are at a certain age (which is the 3 of us) who are starting to have trouble seeing to sew.
Introductions done the first day's projects were unveiled.

I apologise for the terrible pictures I obviously wasn't up to this on the first day.  

I decided to work on Rosalie's bag, as I don't know any babies at the moment but I might modify the girl one to do one for Squid.  Granny Loz get's the award for being the most industrious she finished a boy one ready for day 2.

We had a lovely tea with a few of the girls and then headed back to the Cabin for some sewing, wines and TV.

Day 2 bought another 2 projects how lucky are we.

Mellies (my favourite for the weekend I think) a lovely bag.  In two colourways and we were provided with the kits for both.

Then a stitchery from Rosalie which I have decided to do in Cottage Garden threads.

Here is my progress.  

Love these Little Ninga's going to have to get this pattern it slipped my mind on the weekend. 

We headed back to Adelaide in the pouring rain which was a bit scarey at times, because visibility wasn't too good, glad Helen was driving and not me.  Must say I was very tired last night, went to bed early and slept in.  In hindsight should have had today off.  But oh well its done now and I have a day to potter tomorrow.  


Sue said...

Great Post Amanda!!!! Except it could have done without the 1st photo ... what a shocker!!!!! Great weekend with even better company!! And we survived to tell the tale. Altho the drive home was a little hairy!!! You are right Helen did a great job of driving. And wow how good was that cabin!!! All in all a fab weekend. Nice to share it with Loz and Nay as well!!! Cheers S

Leanne said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Sue looks like she is getting a cigarette out in the first photo.

paddysmum said...

So glad that you had a lovely time. Robyn does it so well doesnt she.
Am very jealous...JulieX

Shay said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time and there were enough photos and stories to keep me happy.

Love the look of all the projects!

Marg said...

That was a great post, it looks like you all had a great time.
Sound like a lot of fun.

Karen said...

One day I am going to treat myself to a stitchy weekend. Absolute indulgence.Somewhere inter state and pretty.

Chookyblue...... said...

workshops are so much fun..........esp when you get the weekend away with it too..........