25 August 2011

Our Creative Spaces - slight bend in the road

I was going to be working on this today.  I have four blocks to buttonhole.

However I bought the puppy in the sewing room last night to keep me company.  The night before she just slept at my feet.

Last night she got up to no good and did this.

So I am off to Otto's today to hopefully get this fixed.

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Leanne said...

Naughty Coco Channel. Lucky she didn't get electrocuted.

Shay said...

I had a rabbit once who did that to Christmas lights.

I suspect Coco will be banned from the sewing room in future?

Kate said...

Maybe Coco needs a chew toy in the sewing room? Glad she wasn't hurt.

Lorraine said...

So she lulled you into a false sense of security last time and went in for the "kill" this time....I guess she thought that would stop you from paying attention to something other than her....Clever Coco?? Rose is banned from the sewing room...last time she was in there she almost choked on a scrap of fabric so I have a baby gate on the doorway and she has her blanket and chew toys in the passage outside.

FloS said...

What a surprise !!!

Cardygirl said...

Oops! We have had similar issues when the cat was young...aah the joys of little ones!