22 February 2012

15 Minute Challenge with Kate

I have been very slack on the sewing front this week.  I have spent a great deal of time preparing patterns for posting so though I won't count that as sewing it was sewing related.  

Wednesday - Preparing appliqué shapes for project
Thursday - No sewing
Friday - No sewing
Saturday - No sewing
Sunday - No Sewing
Monday - X - stitch sampler
Tuesday - More appliqué shapes prepared (what was I thinking it still isn't finished) + x stitch

The last couple of weeks I have been saying I am doing a secret sewing project, here it is.  I am going to dinner and handing over the pressie to Helen tonight so I have scheduled this post to come after she should have left for the restaurant.  Fingers crossed it works.  

The pattern is from Blackbird Designs and is part of their Loose Feather's pattern series and when I showed Helen the pattern leaflet she said that she loved the design.  

Head on over to kate's to see some more productive people.  


Marti said...

Oh how pretty! I'm sure she will love it.

Shay said...

That's gorgeous Amanda! I bet she'll be thrilled.

Not much sewing going on here either (although I did finally get back to the sewing machine briefly!)

Kate said...

How pretty! Helen will love it. Not too bad on the sewing front, some weeks it's just that way. I hope that next week is better

libbyquilter said...

you know applique is slow going but it reallly does have a big payoff in terms of satisfaction and a beautiful finish. hang in there.