24 February 2012

Favourite Things Friday

Today I did one of my favourite things and that is have a pamper day.  Today was my second mini break "holiday" from my usual work day and I decided it was time for a new colour/hair cut and of course the nails were due to be done.  So I headed to the Nail Girl who is now my Hair Girl.

Its long story but I wish she had been cutting my hair since my old hair dresser changed careers, but out of desperation I made a mistake and went to the hair dresser who owned the salon where I got my nails done and I hated it but because I have my nails done there every 3 weeks I was stuck.  The hair dresser decided to work from home so I decided it was too far to go to her for a rushed hair cut/colour and blow dry if she felt like it.   So now my nail girl does my hair, I get a better cut, don't get sandwiched in between 2 other people who she is doing at the same time and I get what I want every time.  Now when I head out of the salon I feel like I've had the works instead of being rushed out the door to blow dry my own hair when I get home.  I nearly died the first time it happened.

So here is the new DO as you can see I hate having my photo taken ... even when I am taking it myself, this is as good as you are going to get and I have chopped off the million chins and fat neck.   And the nails are the magnet thing again this time in a more appealing colour which is more me and called Velvet.

The day went like this: I left the house this morning at 8.45 dropped the kids of at school, headed to the Bernina shop for a new foot, my god they are expensive but I had to have it.  Then headed to Hetties, but first as it was hot I thought I would have an ice coffee from the local coffee shop which turned out to be an expensive let down.  So into Hetties for fabric shopping and then down the road to have the works.  Got home at 2.30 in plenty of time to have some lunch and pick the kids up.  

This post will probably tempt anonymous to make a comment because today was ALL ABOUT ME and anonymous doesn't like that.

But you have gotta love a Pamper Day and I am sure Mrs P will agree so head on over to FTF central at Mrs P's 


Sheila said...

You must look after yourself, if you don't you can't look after others.

thea said...

Sounds like a very nice day .. I'm sure you don't get enough of those..

Leanne said...

So what's the new foot you bought?