29 February 2012

15 Minute Challenge with Kate

I had promised myself that I would post more this week so far it hasn't happened.  I am back at work so back to routine.  I have been trying desperately to source some Jane Sassaman fabric so I am hoping for more sewing inspiration soon.  Have an idea that I might try on Thursday for another quick quilt for my Etsy shop so next week I should be on top of the challenge again.

There was a couple of days of no sewing this week, but I had a stitching day on Sunday so that made up for it I think.

Wednesday - nothing birthday tea with the girls
Thursday - nothing because I was playing with my Mixed Media Kit
Friday - stitched my cross stitch
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - crochet, applique cutting out yuck, and cross stitch
Monday - finished cross stitch
Tuesday - finished cutting out applique shapes finally and made cross stitch into cushion.

Hope your 15 minute challenge has been successful, head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge.

p.s. I apologise for the picture it is so dark here this morning, who would have thought it is the last day of summer.


libbyquilter said...

yes, i think all day on sunday should easily make up for it.

love the cushion~!


Pat said...

Looks like you kept yourself busy this week. Good for you!

PJ said...

I think you did pretty darn good! I'd be really happy to have a "stitchin" day.

Kate said...

Very pretty pillow. After finding all those embroidery projects a couple of weeks ago, I'm trying to figure out how to work on those too.

Thanks for being a "regular" challenge buddy.

thea said...

I think playing with the mixed media kit counts for something. and if you sew for 1.75 hours, that's like 15 minutes a day ..

Shay said...

I love your cushion Amanda (and the mixed media time definitely counts in my book.)

Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy - and you're full of new inspiration too.

Leanne said...

The cushion looks great. Dark in the morning then it rain all day who would have thought.