10 February 2012

Favourite Things Friday

Before I returned to work I use to do all the cooking, including a theme'd birthday cake for the kid birthdays.  There was the  the Jungle Cake, Tardis (I was told the kids had interesting toilet experiences after that one with dark blue icing going through their system),the tower of cupcakes, and the fairy extravaganza for Squid's 5th birthday which cost a small fortune because it had to have fairy statues and icing fairies and pretty flowers (which meant travelling all over town to find them) because Squid expects it to look just like the book.   The last couple of years my son has decided he only likes the store bought ice-cream cake (bonus) and Squid this year wanted the chocolate sponge  with the custard filling that the local bakery does (double bonus).  So the only cooking I had to do for squid's party was pancakes for breakfast.

But I like the planning and the designing the party favours etc.  The Dr Who themed birthday party was the best I think, though the monkey's hanging from the washing line for his 5th birthday were pretty good too.

My hubbies favourite party game is pin the tail or whatever on an object.  He gets a kick out of spinning the kids round and sending them in the wrong direction,  this year Maestro gave the game away so the kids were all trying to guess which direction he had put them in (he didn't do it this year) and that made for more fun.

Squid was all for Pin the Tail on the Mermaid this year, when she couldn't draw a Mermaid that she was happy with, she decided that my idea of Pin the Coconut's on the Palm Tree was quite OK.

So this week my FTF is  Birthdays and most of all because it's mine on Sunday.

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thea said...

Happy early Birthday! I confess I'm not a big birthday person. I can pass on mine and just making a birthday dinner is about as far as I go. Nice favorite!!

Shruti said...

Hey! My DS's Birthday is coming up later this month and I'm having a great time planning his Nemo party! :) The first time I'll ba actually making a cake!

Lisa said...

I used to make lovely cakes for my daughter too. She's going to be 19 this birthday and living in Melbourne for uni now so I might just make one next time she is home. Although now I just make 'cafe' type cakes for her, like lumberjack or something. Love this post, great memories!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Hooray for February birthdays! My eldest's bday is Valentines day so I usually try to sneak in a heart cake somewhere....not this year as he is 11 and that would be mortifying. Ice cream cake and a party at the pool it is :-) Do they let you play party games for your birthday?? Have a lovely birthday on Sunday :-)

Barb H said...

Happy birthday! Hope your day is extra special for you!

Shay said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday Amanda. I hope you have a fabulous day and get thoroughly spoilt.

I like planning birthdays too. I'm up to my eyeballs planning Miss P's 21st at the moment. Unfortunately as much as I love the idea of pin the tail on the (insert whatever you like here) I dont think that's going to cut it.

I am filing your other ideas away for future reference though !

Michelle Ridgway said...

I wish you a very happy Birthday for Sunday and yes I agree Birthdays are wonderful especially when you share them with kids. Those cakes sound awesome.

Kate said...

Happy birthday a bit early!

Kids birthdays are such fun. The Dr. Who party sounds like a fun idea, though monkey's hanging from the washing line also sounds like an adventure too. Drama Teen liked spider man a lot, as we used it twice as her birthday theme. Considering it was her and 6 boys in her day care class when she was 4 and 5 , I don't know what we would have done if she really wanted a Barbie themed one!

ANudge said...

Aren't kids something?! Happy Birthday, Sunday, Amanda.

Elizabeth said...

Birthday parties are SO much fun! I love Dr. Who and would have loved to see the Tardis cake.

We did a circus birthday party once, for my very non-girly daughter. It was so much fun to plan and put together.

That pin-the-coconut-on-the-tree game looks fun!

And happy birthday! I hope it is great!

xo -E