05 February 2012

New Things

Last month I subscribed to a Mixed Media Kit of the month from Blue Bazaar.  I have just been notified that the first month's kit is on its way.  So by the end of the week I should have a lovely bundle of goodies to go through and try new things.  They provide a tutorial to do a couple of projects (I think online).    I have roped my mate Helen and I think Kay signed up as well so I will have to make a date for a come and play day.

My planned photo session down the beach hasn't eventuated it is pouring with rain today, Squid has decided to start on one of her birthday pressies, she got quite good ones that's for sure from all her friend lots of craft and drawing things.   Wonder how long she will stick with this painting by numbers, wonder if I can head out to the sewing room for a while and not be missed.

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