11 May 2012

Favourite Things Friday

I have never been a fan of solids, probably because when I started quilting solids meant homespun, hard cheap rubbish.  I am a textile snob after all and I like my fabric to feel soft and have nice drape.  I rarely use solids in quilts except if that quilt is going to be embroidered then I always bring out my favourite Emma Louise which comes in a multitude of colours and is lovely and fine until now.

Yesterday in the mail I received a lovely pile of fabrics from Sarah which are part of her Bella Solids Club (this is the 1/2m option there is also the choice of Fat 1/4 or Fat 1/8s.  I have to say that this month's colours really sing to me and the fabric is oh so lovely to the touch.  As part of the club you get these little card swatches so that you can take them with you and match them to your stash or when you are shopping for fabric.  I think I will punch a hole them and thread them onto one of those scrapbooking rings so they don't get lost.

Hopefully this weekend I get time to work on a project with these I have something in mind, actually I have a couple of projects in mind but I think one for the weekend will be enough.

Head on over to Mrs P to check out her Favourite Thing this week I think it is about the joys of having a toddler (or is it what goes around comes around) or is she just happy that her daughter did listen to her.


Natalie said...

Beautiful colors! And those cards are just a brilliant idea, I need to make something like that for my yarn.

Kate said...

Gorgeous colors. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with using those.

Shay said...

Snap. I got some solids yesterday in the post too!

Cant wait to see what you do with yours. (Im still thinking about what to do with mine !)

thea said...

keeping swatches like that is a good idea for any quilt. Can't wait to see what you do with them!