03 May 2012

Great Couple of Weeks

I admit it has been a bit slow on the design front lately.  Real life has been taking over a bit and I really haven't pushed it to make the time to sit down and draw and stitch my own stuff  I guess I was having a bit of a Pitty Party all on my own and thinking about just giving it all away, and go back to doing other peoples stuff.  There is a lot of work goes into making any of the designs, and the quilt in this picture probably pushed my time envelope ever so slightly and then there was the pattern writing, and for this quilt there was a lot.  Having said that I am really proud with what I achieved and I am so thankful for Sarah (Quilt Fabric Delights) for taking it on and using it in not one but 2 adverts in Homespun Magazine.

I visited Sarah a few weeks ago and I was a little scared to ask but I had to know, if anyone had bought any of the programs.  You can't believe my relief when she told me she had sold all of the initial order.   That was way beyond my expectation.  And over the last few weeks, she has ordered more sets of patterns, so I am over the moon and excited about my design future again.  I have also sold a couple of patterns from my Etsy shop to customers overseas, and that gives me a real buzz.

Quilters Harvest in Victoria are now taking names and have made their own version of my quilt, I can't wait to see what they have come up with.  The future looks bright..... I hear sleigh bells tingling....I had better get the pencil sharped it is that time in July coming up soon.


Shay said...

Congratulations on all your success Amanda. You deserve it !

Kate said...

Congrats on the popularity of the pattern. Good luck with the next project.

Kim said...

Hi Amanda,

I am making your BOM although I am a little behind but am using it for a special birthday which is a few years away so I am actually being organised. Am really enjoying it as there is such a nice mix of techniques.