09 July 2012

Amazing Class

Yesterday I went to probably the best class I have ever been to.

I have been sewing for quite a long time so often a class will just re-inforce the things you know or you pick up one or two little gems that you store away in the memory banks to use in your own work.  Yesterday was different.  I knew it would be, Nichole Mallalieu patterns are a always a lesson in themselves but sometimes you need that visual prompt to really cement the knowledge and I got that yesterday.

Here is my bag, it doesn't have any lining yet and the long strap isn't finished, but I gleened all the information to finish this bag off and make it look professional to boot.  See those beautiful straight corners on the flap.  If I had taken a picture of the corner you will see that all the seams just much, the facing went on effortlessly.  There is a zipped pocket in the lining.  Sorry really bad picture, I didn't take my camera yesterday, but I am sure Leanne will have some terrible pictures of me in class.

I want to pull out my stash and make lots of bags, only at the moment I have a couple of other priorities. I might try and finish this little baby if I get a chance tomorrow, even if it is just so I have some show and tell for Wednesday stitching with the girls.

I also picked up a couple of more patterns yesterday, and reading through them I remembered what Nikki told us in class.  I admit to a little information overload at the end, but the information is still all there I just needed to process it.

Now that I know, how to remove bulk from seams, have beautiful sharp corner and flat seams and so many other tips and tricks I might never have to buy a store bought bag again.    Hubby is under the mistake impression that this will save money, lol.  Doesn't it just mean that I can buy more fabric to make them.

Now Hetties is going to stock all the hardware as well, yeah... bag heaven.


Nikki said...

Great to finally meet you, Amanda and I'm so glad you enjoyed the class.

Don't worry about trying to hold everything in your head - just keep making bags and it will all come back to you!

thea said...

Lovely bag. I really need to try taking a class.

bec said...

Great bag, and glad you loved the class, I've been lucky to do a few and learnt tons! She's a great teacher!

Shay said...

Im so glad you had fun. And I think your bag looks utterly fabulous!

Leanne said...

Yep sorry but Sues photo is worse.

Kate said...

Beautiful bag, love the fabric you choose.