20 July 2012

Favourite Thing Friday

I haven't had a chance to join in FTF for a couple of weeks, before I know it it is Saturday and I've missed the boat.

I'm off to my Favourite Thing this week.  It has been featured on my FTF a couple of times and it is on again.  Bowerbird Bazaar.  Unfortunately I am spending money poor this week but I will be on the look out for some nice bag worthy fabric, from one of the screen printers at the market.  If you are in Adelaide head there this weekend, you won't be disapointed

Another thing while I have a captive audience, head on over to Sarah's blog to see a run down on all the patterns you get in  Xmas in July this year and there are still a few more to come.  It finishes the end of July but you can still join and you have access to download all the patterns so far.    I think this year has been the best Xmas in July so far.

And while you are here download my latest free pattern which you will find on the F4AM tab.

Head on over to Shay's to see what all the favourites are this week.  ... just checked hope its on this week lol.


Kate said...

Enjoy your shopping expedition.

Leanne said...

I missed you on Friday night Gemma and I went. I bought a few things for Port Elliot.