13 May 2013

In a blink of an eye

Where did the last 2 weeks go.  It seemed to take forever and yet went so quickly.  Last week I started working an extra day and my Thursday "off" was packed with running errands and I ended up collapsing  in bed only to not be able to sleep.

The kitchen is almost done.  Just the glass splash backs and power points to go.  The electrician wouldn't put in the power points as the glass guys sometimes don't do it right.  Then Glass guy tells me they need the power points to measure the holes for the power points.   So I am a bit stuck at the moment.

We are still waiting on the glass quote which might mean we are rushing out to find tiles and a tiler on the weekend if it is much more than they quoted on the plans.  We blew the budget when we had to have a plater to fix the sink area.   The plaster has just left after doing the final sanding,  for the first time in 2 weeks I will have the house to myself when I get home.

Here are the pictures so far.

We have to touch up the painting in places and do the ceiling and the woodwork which I can't say I am looking forward to.  Hows the light from the fluro, hubby insisted on the fluro and now he says it is too bright well its staying now.  We have a couple of down lights to go in over the sink but we won't need them.

All those cupboard and draws in the second picture are empty as hubby didn't want to fill them until after the plaster had been and everything was thoroughly cleaned (by him) and we don't really have that more to pack in as it has all fitted in the corner pantry and small cupboards across the back of the room.

But it means I can have my cookbooks in the kitchen instead of the laundry and stuff from the linen press can be moved into the kitchen where it belongs.

Can't wait till it is all finished and we can really enjoy but it has been a fun weekend exploring all the possibilities.


Shay said...

It looks amazing...I bet you're really excited to be so close to a finish. I bet you'll just go and stand in that room a lot to drink in the beauty once its all completed .

It looks like something out of a magazine shoot!

Kate said...

Lots of wow factor! I agree with Shay, it looks like something out of Home and Gardens magazine shoot.

Leanne said...

It is so nice to have a kitchen project finished it looks wonderful, now to get cooking.