25 July 2013

A little ray of Sunshine and the 15 minute challenge

Squid back problems have finally shown signs of improvement its only taken 4 months and 6 different opinions.  The latest is physio twice a week and various exercises... the pool once a week and finally the muscles have softened and she is starting to get movement in the joints again she now only has a knot in a 2" strip of muscle instead of the 2 tough bands down either side of her spine.  Are we any closer to knowing why this happened NO but fingers crossed we are on the right track.

The pool has been good for me too got to 30 laps this week which is more than I have ever been able to swim before.  Squid doesn't do many laps and does a lot of walking in the water but we have couple of exercises for her to do with the water as resistance next time we go and she has been given the go ahead to play tennis on the weekend, just a doubles game mind you but she is looking forward to it and we have strict instructions of what to do before and after from the physio.

On to the challenge, have to say I have romped it in this week.  In fact I sewed for 3 hours on Monday (had a day off work the first day back at school for the kids) and it was wonderful.  No one knew I was home and I just sewed all day.

In fact I have just finished the 12 stardust donut (I call them donuts because they haven't a centre or border yet).  Each new starburst has been my favourite combination so I am hoping that is going to look fantastic when it is all together.  I am planning on a queen size quilt but because I have only cut out 14 blocks and I really don't want to purchase any more fabric I decided on a 12 blocks and will put horizontal sashing between the blocks to fill in the space.  It looks great in my head wether that translates will be news to you and me.

I wont do a run down because it was all starbursts with a bit of hand piecing thrown in.  

I'll show you my final project in Xmas in July another gift idea. 

Head on over to Kate's to see what everyone else has been up to this week.  


Kate said...

Glad to hear that Squid is finally seeing some healing with her back problem.

Glad you were able to work in a sewing therapy day for yourself. The Stardust donuts look great.

Shay said...

Glad to hear Squid is getting some relief from her back issues. Sounds like your physio knows what they are doing.

I love the donut blocks. Scrappy goodness! I'm pretty confident its going to work out exactly the way you see it in your head because you're extremely talented !

Leanne said...

Liking the brush case.
And the quilt .