01 August 2013

The Week that Was and the 15 Minute Challenge

I have been keeping up the creativeness this week though there isn't much to show for it.  Hand piecing does take its time.  There was some progress on the star bursts a couple of them have centres now and I have a plan for putting the quilt together which is always a good thing.  The voile is proving problematic though and the latest starburst once the centres was put it doesn't quite lay straight I see some reverse sewing in my future I think.

Went shopping this morning at Sarah's and bought home some lovely voile to make a shirt  and some of the London Calling range to make a Washi Dress.  Just have to clear a space in the sewing room to cut it all out.

There were only 2 days where I didn't sew, Monday night just didn't have the energy after swimming and Wednesday last week was out because I went to tea with the girls.  But I did make up for those days on the weekend.

Squid continues to improve and is allowed to play doubles and singles tennis this week, and we might only need one physio session next week...which will be great.  Monday just gone was the longest day ever with physio at 8, school drop off then work, school pickup, then tennis practice for Maestro then a rushed tea then off to swimming ... no wonder I didn't fit in any sewing.

Work continues to be manic and I am getting to the point where I don't think I want to do it any more, I'd rather be home making stuff but then there would be no money for making stuff ... its a vicious cycle that many of us face :).

As you can see the block still isn't finished but it is getting there just the borders to go.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge this week.


Shay said...

I am really loving the Starburst block in the picture. I think thats a really different direction for you in terms of colour and mix of fabrics.

Glad to hear Squid is doing better.

I totally hear you on the work dilemma. The only possibility for me giving up work is to win Lotto!

Leanne said...

A Washi dress I will be interested to see the finished product. I bought some more material to make another one. Roll on summer?

Kate said...

I really like those Starburst blocks.

Glad to hear that Squid is doing so much better. I do hear you on the running. DT's practices for school volleyball started up last Wednesday and with two of them a day, it's meant a lot of running. I'll be glad when school starts up.