20 August 2013

I see an end

Do you like the photo, Squid took it as part of her Science Project for a competition that is run in SA.

Work continues to be manic, but there is light it will all be finished for another year on the 1 of October so only 6 weeks to go.

Club Footy will be finished (maybe) this week, or next week if they get into the finals, I don't think they will get any further than the first round of finals, as the team that they beat 2 weeks ago won't let them get away with another win but then again anything can happen in finals.

Tennis got rained out last week, so Squid plays finals this week against the No 1 side, and Maestro will play an elimination final as well.  The boys weren't doing so well when rain cancelled play, though Maestro was up in his game.

So looking forward to having nothing on on the weekends for a couple of weeks until the Tennis summer season starts.

I passed in another subject for study, there are only 2 a bit more to go and I have 3 months to finish them.  Going to do my best to get them all wrapped up early though because I am so over it.  Next time I am going to find a day course to cover my 6 hours next year.

I have been stockpiling patterns and notions to get on with lots of sewing once all these commitments petter out.  And I have decided to get reacquainted with EQ and have bought some add on software and a lessons book so I can get to know it better and design some more quilts of my own.  I really want to do a New York Beauty.

The washi muslin is nearly finished, just need to take up the hem and lose the weight I put on in the last 2 weeks.


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Shay said...

Great photo there by Squid. Very artistic.

Sounds like it's all work and no play at your place ...I hope that stops soon and you get to have some fun!