09 August 2013

I'm Going to Have a Grumble

But first a finish, I know it is only 1 block but it has been a month in the making.  I've also managed to do a Full Bust adjustment on my Washi Dress pattern and have cut out a Muslin which I hope will be fine to wear when I put it together because I used really pretty fabric that I picked up dirt cheap at a sale.  

Now for the grumble.  I read this afternoon on Facebook that an commercially successful US Designer had a huge spread in Homespun Magazine.  Homespun started doing this a couple of years ago and it really peeved me off at the time and I stopped buying the magazine religiously and only picked it up when I saw a project I wanted in it.  From what I have heard from others Homespun have also reduced the number of projects as well.  So Aussie Designers have even less chance of getting in one of our leading homegrown craft magazines.  

If Homespun are doing it to appeal to the American Market I think they have missed the point because American's love the mag for the Australian content.

So at the risk of never being asked to be in the Magazine ever again... Homespun take a look at your title and spread the love DownUnder.


Shay said...

I guess another point that Homespun need to take on board is that if Australians want to see US designers and makers there are already a plethora of existing magazines available for us to do that. They could find themselves with a diminishing readership as people choose to buy those magazines instead.

LOVE your block Amanda.

Cardygirl said...

There are so many things about the new mag that are disappointing...I bought it yesterday, and that will be my last.

Unknown said...

From what I see around blogs a lot of patchworkers feel the same. I am only buying it until the last Bronwyn Hayes BOM is published.

I feel that they a lot less projects and very few patchworking ones.

Kate said...

Beautiful block.

I've never seen the magazine you mentioned, but I'll be sure to not buy it should it show up at our local book store.

Dawn said...

Hi Amanda, I have to disagree with you about Homespun Magazine...I am an avid collector of this and have every issue ever published...there is an array of projects in all issues, the latest has 11 and in the last years there has been issues that had 14, 9 and 17 in one... if you are looking to publish any patterns with them Susan Hurley is very approachable and the designers picked are usually picked about a year ahead.. maybe not even by this editor for this current issue. I love the new look and am glad the size didn't change again as some earlier issues don't fit nicely on the book case together...we must support Aussie designers always...would love to see some of your designs in my favorite mag..
Hugs Dawn x.