30 August 2013

New Shop, Pattern Release and a new stockist

Its been one of those weeks this week .... I seem to be having a string of them lately...  but I won't bore you with the details.

The Christmas in July online event is over for another year and I can now release the 3 patterns that I created for Quilt Fabric Delights.  

I have also decided to time the release of these patterns with my new Big Cartel Shop and you will find the patterns there.  The shop is still quite small and will remain so for the time being.  I will continue to my etsy shop but if you would prefer to order directly from me without having to signup to etsy etc I think this is the way to go.  

Just remember if you have any patterns that you would like me to pop up on the Big Cartel Shop just drop me an email.  

If you would like any of my BOM Quilt patterns on a monthly basis you can go to:

Soul Stitches

Blueberry Botanicals
and now

Here is Julie's version:

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Leanne said...

How's the ear? Great to see Blueberry Botanical in more shops.