24 August 2013

Journal Fodder 365

I got a new book the other week and I have had a chance to read through a few pages it Is Journal Fodder 365.  There is lots of ideas for journalling and each chapter has weekly Journal prompts which I am going to give a go.

The first prompt is "I am" and I was quite amazed at how much I could write in a short period of time, I think the writing part of this only took about 15 minutes.  So I am hoping I actually stick to the schedule.

I finished this last night, by adding a bit of Journal Art, a picture of me (there aren't many of those).

This morning I started the background for the 2nd journal page.  This prompt is Pivotal People which might prove cathartic.   I'll let you know how I go next week.

Just got home from Squid's tennis elimination final.  Squid's team lost but they all played really well against the top side as they were rained out last week and Team 1 played 4 this week to even things up.  Squid went down 6-5 but each game went to deuce apart from the last one and I think Squid just ran out of steam at that point.  Lots of long rallies and lots of good shots from both girls.  After all the problems with Squids back over the season it was great to see her back to form.


Leanne said...

Good to hear the girl is on the mend. Good luck with the journal I wish I could be as arty as you.

Shay said...

Lovely journal art Amanda. I wouldn't have recognised that picture of you!

You really do have multiple talents .

Glad to hear Squid was able to play a great game , and seems to be doing a heap better than a few months back.