27 December 2013

Christmas Over for another year

It took me a few days to recover from my Trip to Melbourne, I don't know if I caught something on the plane or if the year just finally got to me but I felt awful from Friday through to a massive migraine on Sunday.  And I was going to do so much on Sunday... managed the food shopping and that was all.  It didn't matter that the floors weren't washed nobody noticed well at least they didn't say anything.

Melbourne was busy and I went to my favourite shop and made a purchase or two.

Just love the packaging.  I did a lot of walking on Friday the pedometer said 12km so that might have been  why I was a bit tired when I got home.  I managed to pick up a few more little gifts for the kids.

Tuesday I knocked off work early and just got stuff ready for Xmas day, most of which not needed as the family didn't stay for tea.  But the trifle went down a treat.

Yesterday Squid decided that we would paint her room now.... so this morning I am off to buy paint as we now have all her bedroom furniture in the lounge room.  I have a couple of other errands to run as well.. I have some Christmas money to spend.  


Kate said...

A migraine right before Christmad is no fun at all. Hope you got Squid's room all painted and will have some time to play.

Shay said...

Sounds like Melbourne was a hoot.

I always over cater for Christmas. Thankfully that wasnt my problem this year since we ate out all day.

Im always so relieved when Christmas is done for another year!