30 December 2013

Etsy Shop Change

Etsy introduced earlier this year the ability to have instant downloads for digital files.  I haven't had the time or the inclination to do it until now.  But there was a couple of times recently with our bad phone/internet when I was struggling to meet my obligation to email the files and this would have got me out of this pickle quickly and easily.

Over the next few weeks/months I hope to have all my patterns as digital downloads from Etsy, which means once you pay you can download the files.  At the moment I don't think BigCartel offers this (they may I just don't know about it but I want Etsy working first).

The day was perfect today for walking.  Coco got a walk this morning... she hasn't been on one for a couple of weeks in the lead up to Christmas.  The first 2 pictures were from that walk, I wanted to get the sale boats that you could see clearly way out to sea, but they are just specks on the horizon with my iPhone.  The local creek is starting to recede but they are forecasting rain later in the week so it may be short lived fingers crossed... our lawn could do with a water.   Later in the morning I headed to the beach again this time with the rest of the family.
 I expected the beach to be a lot busier than it was, but I don't think people lay and bake like they use to when we were young.
 The ocean was a beautiful shade of blue green today.


Shay said...

Gorgeous shots of the beach Amanda. I suspect it will be a lot busier down that way tonight !

Kate said...

Enjoyed your shots of the beach. I miss living on the Gulf Coast, we used to get to go to the beach regularly then. Our forecast for tomorrow is for 2 inches of snow by Thursday morning.