10 December 2013

Very Proud

It was Year 7 Graduation last night. As I have said Maestro has had a bit of a year of it this year and last term he didn't even want to go to graduation. But I told him it would be a special night and he wouldn't want to miss out on it, it wasn't about his teacher it was about him.  We shopped for his outfit after going to the pictures during the holidays so I didn't make a big deal of it.

One of his friend's Godfather owns a few luxury cars and she offered quite a few of her friends a ride.  Maestro likes cars so he jumped at the chance and he was really looking forward to the night. We took some photo's and left the 4 friends to head to the hall.  Maestro played it up for the cameras getting out of the car and we will probably be able to show that footage at his 21st.

Here he is getting his graduation certificate.  We thought that would be it.  But when the end of the night's awards were handed out Maestro and 2 of his friends from the car ride each received an Award, for Science (Zac), Resources (Sophie) and ICT (Maestro) not bad odds out of 100 kids.  I think it might have even made the year worthwhile…. not quite…but it was great for them to get some recognition for their achievements of the year.  

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Kate said...

Maestro looks quite grown up. Love the car, that had to be fun. Congrats to Maestro on the ICT award, very cool!