07 January 2014

A Big First Week

I've made time for creativity this week, fingers cross this creative productivity continues when I go back to work tomorrow.

I have got through the first week of Life Book, learnt a lot about what not to use for sticking down your collage papers if you hope to work with other mediums.  But apart from that thoroughly enjoyed the process and you just have to decide when its done as you can keep on adding and taking stuff away (if the glue didn't act as a resist that is).

I used a few different products that although they were in the stash I wasn't too sure of what to do with and discovered that I really liked working with the water colour crayons and of course I want more colours but you can make do with what you have.

Here are a couple of more stages to the work.  Didn't end up with much print coming through maybe next time.

I also did some stitching, here is my long overdue top to this sewing organiser.  Thoroughly inspired by Wendy Williams work.

The first project of Life Book was an exercise to send your inner critic on holiday.

It involved writing down all your fears about the coming year of art and then painting over them and giving some positive affirmation.

I'm pretty good at sending my inner critic on holiday but it was worth going though the exercise anyway.

And lastly we had a surprise in the garden after 5 or so months one of the bulbs we planted at the end of spring actually flowered... it will probably be the only one that does so I took a photo.  If you know what its called let me know.


Wendy said...

Hi Amanda. I don't know the name of the flower sorry, but I do love your sewing organiser. I'm a big fan of Wendy Williams' designs too. I'm doing her block of the month through Material Obsession in Sydney. I've got photos of my progress on my blog: http://wendysquiltsandmore.blogspot.com/

Shay said...

It looks like some kind of lilly to me Amanda, but what I know about flowers and bulbs could be engraved on the head of a pin...

Lovely art projects ...hoping work doesnt sap your creative energy and that this year is full of things as lovely as the ones you started the year with!

Kate said...

You've been busy. I agree with Shay, your surprise flower looks like some kind of lily.

Dianne Giles said...

Hi Amanda, I think it is a spider lily as I have quite a few of them in my garden.

Dianne Giles said...

Hi Amanda, I think it is a spider lily as I have quite a few of them in my garden.