01 January 2014

Happy New Year and Goodbye to the 15 minute Challenge

I'm excited about the new year and all that it promises.

I have probably told you that I have signed up for Life Book 2014 and the anticipation that is building on the Facebook Groups and the forum is quite exiting and I can't wait for the first lesson to be posted  on the site and it all to begin.

I downloaded a mixed media course from Interweave yesterday by Jane Davenport and managed to fall asleep watching it.  It was the fact that I haven't been sleeping well lately not the dullness of the course that sent me off.  In fact it was a great course, I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.  I need to work out how to get it onto my iPad so I can play it out in the Sewing Room where I have more room to draw.

On to the 15 minute Challenge.  Only 3 out of 7 this week so I can't say that I have done an awful lot.  DH made me pack up my sewing corner for Christmas so I haven't been able to just sit and pick up stuff where I left off.  I did finish my bee embroidery however.  Now I need to sketch another critter, I think the next one will be a dragonfly.  I might stop at 3 for this project though I am not completely decided yet. Will see how the next few weeks pan out.

Have one more week of holidays.  With Life Book I am sure I will have plenty of creative motivation to keep the 15 minute challenge going on my own, even though the last few months have been a bit disappointment.  But Today is a new year with lots and lots of possibilities.

Head over to Kate's for one last time to see  to see who met the challenge.


Cardygirl said...

Love the bee.

Julie in GA said...

It is so hard to find time for quilting over the holidays, especially when you have to give up your space.
Your bee block is fabulous!

Kate said...

Thanks for linking up just one last time. Love your bee stitchery. Very pretty. Wishing you lots of time and energy for stitching and other creative pursuits in 2014.

Shay said...

Happy New Year Amanda to you and your family.

Im looking forward to seeing more of your mixed media projects this year. Your course sounds fabulous!