31 January 2014

Its been a Long Week

I know the working week was shorter and I even had an extra day off but Maestro started High School this week.  Up until the weekend we hadn't even thought about how Maestro was going to get home, we sort of decided that when I couldn't pick him up he'd take the bus the 3 or 4 stops.   DH likes to be prepared so on the Australia Day holiday he walked with Maestro to the school (just to see how long it would take) and then caught the bus back to our stop and made sure he knew how to work the ticket system.  

Maestro decided he'd give the bus a go on the first day, turns out his best mate was going to come home by bus as well.  That was all pretty easy so the bus by the end of the week he is a seasoned Bus passenger which makes life a lot easier for me.

DH and took ourselves out to lunch on Tuesday, first day for 6 weeks without kids.  It was pretty hot on Tuesday so we were glad for cool spot with a view of the sea.

Tuesday was also Squid's birthday... which I almost forgot with my first day high school nerves.

Turns out High School is a breeze and Maestro is making new friends and is pretty relaxed about the whole thing.... I'm getting there... will feel more at ease with a couple of more weeks under my belt.

I haven't done any more LifeBook but have watched one of the tutorials which I really want to start working on but it is so hot in my sewing room it is putting me off.

Did a bit of Lifebook shopping yesterday and splurged on some new paintbrushes (most of mine were from when I did ceramics before I was married so are 20+ years old).  Think I will collect a few more they have some really good named ones at the local art supply shop... with a price to match, and I am going to have to buy some of the paints one or 2 at a time as they are pricy as well.  If I can get the Aircon to work I might have a bit of a play tonight with them.

No sewing to report though I have cut out another couple of houses for my WW BOM.  Must go squid had aquatics today and she should be back at the school now.


Shay said...

Happy Birthday Squid and welcome to high school Maestro! Its not unusual for parents to be more freaked out by the high school stuff than the kids are ....

Sounds like an emotionally charged week Amanda. So glad you got some time to chill out for lunch with DH. I think the weather hasn’t been really conducive to creativity this week. Hope the AC played nice for you.

Kate said...

Happy birthday to Squid. The high school thing is quite an adjustment. DT rides the bus home too and that took some getting used to. Glad the Maestro is settling in well. It's a bit transition.