03 January 2014

Word for the Year, Resolutions and all that Crap

Downloaded my first Life Book Lesson Videos its actually taken 2 days, lots of swearing and cursing which is probably not the aim of Life Book.  All calm now though.

One of the first exercises is to Meditate and discover a few things, one of them is your word for the year, which I have kind of been thinking on for a couple of days.... so I kinda knew what it would be before I started the exercise but it sorta jelled at the end of it.  So my word for the year is


I never stick to resolutions, but one of the commitments I did make was to take care of emails when I receive them, read them and delete them.  This mainly came about when I changed computers and I had to go through 10,0000 odd emails so that I could transfer the stuff I wanted to keep.  Took me nearly a whole day.  It is probably going to be more difficult as the amount of emails being generated by Lifebook is a little overwhelming at the moment... hoping that will slow down soon.  Might have to turn some of them off and just read them through the forum, but I didn't want to miss out on stuff early on.  

Hoping to head to the sewing room and get messy this afternoon, but first need to organise the walk for the day.. another commitment.  As it is cooler here at the moment there is no hurry to get it over and done with in the morning.  


Shay said...

Good Luck with your journey of DISCOVERy for 2014 Amanda. I dont do resolutions either primarily because I never ever keep them.

Im quite enjoying this weather. Off to the sewing room today to see if I can find my mojo!

Kate said...

Discover is a good word for 2014. Have fun with the journey!