30 March 2014

Doubts and new things

I decided to wait for the sun to come up before I went walking today.  I didn't time it too well yesterday I started out later and there was just to many people on the track and too many dogs out and about which makes Coco a bit skittish.

While I was waiting I surfed the net and caught up on a few blogs, which led to the doubts part of the title.  Am I good enough, am I creative enough you know that inner voice that I have managed to block out for quite a few months but in early hours of this morning turned up the volume.

Got to say that the walk turned down the volume, I saw a dolphin just off shore always a good start to the day.

I started hand quilting the latest quilt on Friday night, got to say though my shoulder has been telling me loud and clear this morning why I rarely hand quilt.  Next quilt I want to quickly whip up and write a pattern for will be machine quilted.... but the softness of this fabric really screamed for hand quilting.  I am using a really soft cotton batting and voile backing.

I've started writing the pattern but I am waiting on my new logo which is being designed at the moment.

More quilting today really want it all finished by next weekend so I can fit in a photo shoot.


Lorraine said...

Never listen to self doubts before the sun comes up...everything is always better when the sun comes up. :)

Shay said...

I think we all doubt ourselves from time to time. I do it a lot and it’s something Im working on NOT doing.

The sneak peek of your latest project looks wonderful. I cant wait to see a big picture !

Leanne said...

Stick your fingers in your ears and shout la la la when those self doubt start again.
Hope you did your photo shoot it was a fantastic weather.

Kate said...

Self doubt is hard to turn off sometimes, but sounds like you found a switch.