18 March 2014

The Project for the Week is the Computers

Back in 2008 I got my first Mac it was a Macbook.  A couple of years ago we bought the kids an iMac which I used when my old Macbook was running out of space and getting a bit clunky but it still runs so it was ok in an emergency.

At Christmas I bought another iMac for myself and let me son have the Macbook.  I moved all my crap off it as he likes to put it and he reinstalled the operating drive and has been using it to play mine craft and surf the net.  The CD/DVD drive in the Macbook died the next time we tried to load on some more software.

Maestro has started making Youtube Videos of Minecraft Tutorials and he needed to upgrade the operating system on the Macbook to get the latest software so that he could do the filming and recording in his room where it is quiet.  That software is only available on a CD and of course by now the CD/DVD drive is completely had it which means I needed to get a USB cd/DVD drive that not only worked with a Mac but also worked with a 6 year old mac.

I cannot tell you how many times Maestro told me I needed to try harder in my research to get it all up and running .... DH was all up for going out and buying a new computer if Maestro really needed it......  That probably spurred me on more to find a cheaper solution.

After a couple of false starts with downloading and or USB CD/DVD drives I found one on ebay $35 with postage and I made sure that the manufacturer said it worked with the MacBooks old operating system and ordered the necessary software from Apple.  It all arrived yesterday and to my complete and utter amazement the CD/DVD works a treat with both Maestro's Macbook and my iMac and all 3 Macs now have the same operating system and can talk to each other.

I told Maestro that he is a lucky boy that I have at least a bit of a clue about how computers work or know where to go to find out how to do stuff, even if it doesn't happen right away, I will do my best to find a solution.  "Yes thanks Mummy" was his reply.... he knows I hate it when he calls me that.

Do You EQ?

Did you know they have released a Mac Version of EQ7 (well at the moment it is only the migration pack that can be ordered so if you are currently running it on a pc or a pc emulation software) you can purchase it the migration pack to download it to your Mac Computer.  Got to say it was the simplest install I have ever done.  Haven't used it yet just opened it and had a look at it from first glance it looks exactly the same as the PC EQ7.  From what I understand my add on software won't work on the Mac version but I might be able to transfer some files over the home network... another thing to research.  
I have been super excited about this release because it means I can use the software whenever I feel like it instead  of when someone else is using the computer.  It also means that I can easily transfer images to my patterns which was a bit interesting at times when it was run on Parallels.

Looking forward to getting reacquainted with the software sometime soon.


Shay said...

Im reasonably computer illiterate when it comes to operating systems and syncing stuff . I leave all of that to Mr. P, so Im pretty darn impressed you have a clue.

Glad all your devices are talking to one another and playing nice again.

Kate said...

Glad you got it all working. I'm a bit lost with a lot of the hardware stuff, but I totally get the software stuff. Thankfully My Guy gets the hardware stuff. Though I'm a bit concerned about Drama Teen, she seems to be completely computer illiterate, but give her an I-phone and she can show both of us all kinds of stuff.

Leanne said...

Your talents are endless.