09 March 2014

What is your quilting process?

Do you try a block and then cut each one out individually or do you plan a quilt from start to finish, get the fabric and cut it all out.

I have to admit doing a bit of both.  I will quite often plan a quilt in my head and then cut it all out which I did with the latest one I am working on.  Or there are those that I just want to try a block or two to see how they go, they are probably the ones that don't get finished morel often as not.

I can home from work on Friday with this quilt firmly in my head, so I quickly drafted it in EQ and yesterday spent the afternoon cutting.  This one is actually just a prototype I am waiting for the fabric to arrive, but I thought I would delve into the stash of fabrics I have been getting each month from Material Obsessions to work on it.  Hoping that I got all my measurements right... because I think this is going to look spectacular with the fabrics I pulled.  Will just have to see.


Lisa said...

I usually cut a few blocks, make them, decide to make a few more and then discover I don't have quite enough fabric. Not every time, but it does happen! If I'm in a hurry to get something finished (for a gift) then I'll do all the cutting at the start. I'm not a great cutter, I tend to be a bit slap dash so it's really better for me and more accurate if I cut in two or three sessions rather than all at once. If I'm following a pattern I tend to cut out the first two or three blocks and then re-calculate what the pattern calls for as I find that patterns often over estimate how much fabric is required. Ha, I didn't realise I had so much to say on this topic! I love your selection, what is the background you are using?

Leanne said...

I always make a test block I'm not that confident to cut out a whole quilt.

Pip said...

I usually have the quilt planned in my head, then I get all the fabrics, but I don't cut it all out in one go, just what I need for each section, sometimes I change my mind on the fabrics. I should do something with my MO fabrics as well, I have used bits of them in blocks here and there but no major project, I like the little glimpse you have given us, looking forward to more.

Shay said...

My MO is to usually have an idea germinate in my head for a while...then make one block and if I like it to go hell for leather and cut out all of the rest ...I just find that helps me to know if 1) I have all the fabric I need and b) How much sewing I need to do for all the blocks to be completed.

I’m loving the fabrics you’ve pulled ...is that neutral, linen?

Kate said...

I usually don't cut everything at once, I'll cut enough to get going on a section then cut more when I need to.