25 April 2014

The Better Bag Maker

We haven't been overly busy but have been pretty much just chillen with the occasional adventure in fishing, there was a couple of those.   Lots of playing of Minecraft (not me).  A bit of sewing that bit was me.  A mega bike ride (the kids a DH they did this while I was at work thank god).  Yesterday we traversed the city trying to find glasses for Squid (now she needs to make a decision. Apparently they shouldn't be too nerdy because then she would be trying to hard to look cool).  And we have only been to the pictures once.

Yesterday I received my copy of The Better Bag Maker by Nichole Mallelieu.  This is the bible of bag making.... there have been bag making bibles before but I think this is the ultimate.   Having done a class with Nichole which was amazing this book has all the bits that I took in at the time and forgot about.... so I found myself go ... yeah I remember that.... that's right...   There are lots and lots of instructions, hints tips and knowhow before you even get to the projects.  And the projects start from basic for beginners through to challenging and each project gets incrementally more complex towards the end of the book so you learn as you go.

There are a couple of the tougher bags that are on my have to list.  But I think I may be sensible for once and when I am in the mood for bag making I may just start from the beginning and work my way through.

The skills you will learn in this book will help you make any bag you want to in the future  it is well worth the money and it will be a go to book for bag making advise.  I got my copy from Can Do Books and they were quick with delivery and $5 postage.  


Leanne said...

Sounds like a great school hols. The book looks good.

Kate said...

Sounds like a great reference book.