01 May 2014

Some weeks just fly by

Can't believe that the kids have been back at school nearly a week, well it isn't a week because they had a pupil free day on Monday.  But we are back in the swing of footy practice, tennis practice and the games all start up this weekend.

I had a lovely free day today, so met with my mate Helen at Patchwork by Sea which has recently moved and this is their gala opening week.  The new shop is lovely and bright with loads of room and lots and lots of fabric to play with.   They have a great stock  of different threads for both machine stitching and hand embroidery.   The best thing about the move is there is easy parking at the rear of the store which was sadly lacking at their old location where you had to contend with all the ladies of leisure doing lunch on Jetty Road.    I am sure they will have great success in this new spot and it is very visible from Brighton Road.

And what have I been working on ... last week it was Xmas stuff... but I wasn't very happy with the end result so there is going to be a bit of unpicking and restitching... One of the main thing I wasn't happy with was my needle turn on the project so I decided I obviously needed some practice.  EQ7 to the rescue, I created a nice block that I was happy with, pulled some fabric traced the templates and started stitching... and I found that my needle turn was fine by the time I had finished the first shape.

I think the problem was I changed my technique.  I always use a freezer paper template and for the Xmas project I decided to draw a line and I just couldn't get the nice crisp fold that I like.  So back to my usual technique and it is up to my standard again.  I also experimented with bottom line for a couple of the flowers but have reverted back to silk thread which I like the feel of better.

Here is a sneak peek.  I've decided to unpick the flower on the left as it is extending pass the border of the block. Needle turn appliqué is actually the only unpicking I don't mind. as the pieces are all nice and folded and they are super quick to stitch back in place.  That's what I'll be doing tonight.

 I have no fixed ideas about how this project will end up only that it will be a quilt with this as a centre medallion... as DH has banned me from making any more cushions.  He's given up banning me from making quilts.

I also have spied great inspiration for some embroidery projects for down the track and have squirrelled them away, but for now I am happy with my needle turn.


Shay said...

Your needle turn puts mine to shame . Im quite hopeless at it. Love that block Amanda...the texty fabric on the back really makes the flower stand out.

Not only can I not believe we are in Term 2 – Im having hard time believing its May already!

Kate said...

Your needle turn applique looks great. I've not yet learned to like applique. Maybe when I have more time, I'll do better with it.

We have 3 weeks of the school year left. Drama Teen will then be a sophomore. How do they grow up so fast?