12 May 2014

What a difference 12 month make

I just looked back at blogger and this time last year we were having our new kitchen put it.  Well it has been well used since then and life is so much easier with a properly  working oven and hotplate.

Was also thinking about how less stressed we all are these days.Last year I felt like we were all wound up so tight  ready to explode at a moments notice.  The kids have settled back into school, work is ok and is just chugging along and a reasonable pace, and Squids back issues have settled and she is back playing good tennis again.

Maestro is enjoying school and what a difference a new school and a teacher with a completely different attitude to her students make.  We had parent teacher interviews the other week and she accepts his quirky personality, he is getting on with most of the kids in his class and she is happy with his commitment to work.  I couple of the traits that upset the teacher last year she says are no big deal and just part of his personality.   He is amazed at how many friends he has now .. last year he was always worried that he only had a couple of friend.  At least I don't have to force him to go to school anymore.

I have a couple of projects bubbling away.  The centre block of the medallion quilt is all done.  The next border will be pieced and then I will have another appliqué border which I nutted out on the way home today.  I have managed to get some more script fabric which isn't the same as the one used in the background but has a similar background colour and will mean I can do a wider appliqué border.

There is also another quilt I am working the blocks are all done, though I may unpick a couple,  I am hoping to have it all together this week and I am also working on some embroidery.


Unknown said...

Glad all is well your end.
As I'm your friend, I will just ask if the bottom right block is the way you want it? Rather ask now than when its complete. Love the colours x

Shay said...

So pleased to hear Maestro is enjoying school this year. A decent teacher makes all the difference doesn’t it?

I too feel like life is a lot less stressful this year. I wonder if it actually is or whether we are just looking at things differently?

And a couple of pretty projects always helps with the de-stressing process. Nice to see you back in the saddle creativity wise !

Kate said...

You've got some fun projects in the works.

Glad that life seems to have evened out over the last year. It is amazing what a new school can do. DT is wrapping up her first year in high school. She has a great group of friends to hang out with now.