15 February 2015

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 11 and 12

This morning I finished my magazine project, I can't tell you how hot it is binding a quilt in 40 degree heat can't say it has been enjoyable but the quilt is finished and I just have to finalise the final draft of the pattern to send of to Handmade.  The project is fresh and bright and Squid has her name on it already when it eventually comes back to us.

Drum roll please.  The final two blocks are here ready for you to download.  I hope you have enjoyed the sampler and I would love to see you finished blocks, post on instagram all email me your photo's and I will share them on Facebook and wherever.

I will try and get the quilt top together over the next couple of weeks.  I will send it off to be quilted I think but will post instructions on how I finished mine by the 15th of March.    Then I will need to plan what I will do next.  I think another sampler is in the works but I might mix it up a bit this time and put in some appliqué  oh well we will just have to see how much time I have.

Block 11 Summer Winds

Block 12 Not Key Lime Pie

Here is the link  stay tuned for the finished quilt top soon.  I'll keep last months blocks up until tomorrow morning as promised.


Pip said...

These final blocks look lovely, I love that bright candy pink. I had better get a wriggle on with my blocks, still haven't done last months.

Shay said...

I might have to set myself a goal to catch up on this sampler...so I can finish with the rest of you! This months blocks look fantastic.

Kate said...

Very pretty blocks, but they are going challenge to make with the 4 fabrics I had limited myself to in the other blocks. Mine may look completely different.

I started on block 10 last night, so I'm not too far behind. Thanks so much for hosting the sampler. I've really enjoyed it.