09 February 2015

New Beginnings

Week 1 of my Beginners Class started this week.  Some of the ladies were quite nervous.   I can't remember how I was 20 years ago when I did my Beginners Class, I was probably a bit nervous too.  I think they started to feel at home about half way through.  I don't want my class to be stressful as quilting is my stress relief I hope that it will become that for my students as well.

I have always loved doing classes.  I go to them with the expectation of learning something new or simply just absorbing the teachers creativity and ideas.  Even just quilting with the girls, as we all tend to work in isolation when we do come together we share "Why do you do that?"  ... "You don't do that? Don't you find? and you are bound to pick up another tip to add to your box of tricks.

This week I have concentrated on my magazine project, the quilting was all finished yesterday.  I know that I always underestimate the time that it takes to quilt a quilt and was prepared for that but the quilting of the borders over the last week has taken what has felt like a really long time.  I had 2 feet to go yesterday plus the sashing and I just stayed put until it was done.  My body needs a break that is for sure.  I think the chocolate marshmallow sampler is going to out to be quilted (something I have never done before) I just don't have another quilt in my at the moment, my body needs a rest.

And a reminder about the Choccy Sampler final 2 blocks will be posted next weekend.


Kate said...

I always enjoyed taking classes. My favorite thing was seeing all the different choices in fabric and colors for any given class.

I finished Chocolate Marshmallow's block 8 last night. Hopefully I'll get 9 and 10 done before next week.

Shay said...

I completely agree with what you’re saying about sewing with other people. Its the best way to learn new skills, and swap knowledge ( and you also get the added bonus of being inspired by others projects!) Im sure you’ll instil a sense of calm and fun into your class and people will enjoy it all the more !

Im a failure with the sampler....Im so far behind its going to take me forever to catch up...thats not any reflection on your pattern or you but speaks volumes about me being a slacker...