12 June 2015

Back to Normal Transmission

We return to normal transmission this week.  No trips to other states and a long weekend helped me get over the effects of the travel and lack of sleep.

Tuesday was the beginnings of my skill builder class.   I really love teaching this class and pushing my beginners to learn a few new skills.  We start out with quite a complicated block for them to get their head around because the piecing isn't quite straight forward but they are all amazed with the end result which never fails (unless of course you can't sew a ¼" seam).  We also look at contrast in this class and they can see how picking light, medium and changing their position can change the look of a block.

I have finished the appliqué part of month one of the BOM and I am starting on the border blocks.   All the half square triangles are done just have to trim and put them together.

I used my Karen Kay Buckley Adjustable Square to square up the appliqué block and the plastic pieces went together a lot easier this time.  With the Adjustable Square I was able to make a 20 ½" square and could centre the vase quite easily before trimming the 4 sides it is a great tool for bigger blocks.

My scanner has arrived but I haven't played with it yet I've just loaded the software on the computer.  I think I'll finish the piecing before I get bogged down in pattern writing and playing with the images.

It won't be long and the first block will be posted for you to get started on your version.


Kate said...

Glad you've recovered from all that work stuff. Hope you get to play a bit this weekend.

Shay said...

I have a work trip next week myself, so I hope it doesn't dent my creative urges for too long afterwards. Happy scanning!