29 June 2015

Touch Base

Hows the BOM coming, anyone started yet or do you have some questions?  I have started working on a how to video on the weekend but I think I need some help from the filmmaker in the family.  Will keep working on it over the next couple of weeks school holidays start next week so the film director will be available pretty much full time if I can pry him off Steam.

This week is my last week for the Skill Builder Class and the girls are making great progress with their blocks.  This week we talk about block settings, and I have put all the class sample blocks into a small quilt on point.  This mean if teach this class again I will have to make some more class samples next time, I don't think it will be until next year though so I will have a bit of time up my sleeve.  

Once again I have enjoyed teaching this class and giving my students the confidence to branch out and try more techniques after mastering the basics of putting a quilt together in the beginners class.  It also highlights how by changing the light, medium and dark placement in a block can completely change the look of the block.

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Shay said...

I'm sure your students have enjoyed being under your expert tutelage. Your sample looks so sweet!