29 March 2016

Happy Easter

Easter was pretty chilled here.  DH got all excited about an Easter Egg hunt again this year.  He can't help himself we got the same old story about seeing the black jelly beans and a white tail disappearing down the path ... my kids are 15 and 13 so the days of easter bunny are over.  Mo even asked how he did it the other week.  Did he leave them out all night ? Which is a big NO because of the dog and we have lots of ants at our house so that has never been an option.   He just is really good at finding the right opportunity to set it all up, it helps that we have a tiny yard.  So the kids pretty much humoured him this year might not happen again next year though.

Our local movie theatre have reduced their prices permanently so we headed out a couple of times to the flicks this weekend and saw 10 Cloverfield Lane (lots of twists and turns in that one right until the end) and Batman Vs Superman

Spent the morning at WCH.   I was thinking we would be half an hour as appointments were given at ½ hour intervals.  We got out 3 hours later.   The good news is  Maestro only has to be in a cast for 3 more weeks but there was a big no to going on the kayaking camp because even though he has a waterproof cast they don't want him in the river with it and he really shouldn't have been kicking the footy or playing backyard cricket on the weekend.   Dr also said that after talking to us that there was no way they would be doing the sling only with him as he doesn't think he would do the right thing.... I'm sure he wouldn't. We took a sneaky shot before the new cast went on.  He was pretty impressed with the bruising.

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Kate said...

I miss the Easter Egg hunt. Though I think the 17 year old would be game as long as there was candy at stake. She did request an Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny. She humors us, though she told me several years ago that she does in hopes that we'll still play along. They get too smart for their own good. Sorry Maestro has to skip his kayaking camp. It's hard when they have to give up those things they are looking forward too.