23 March 2016

ARRRH We have had fun and games at the home of Seabreeze Quilts

The kids finished the summer tennis season.  Both of them played the finals and Maestro's team lost and Mo's team won and a nail biter tiebreaker finish and now she has another trophy to add to the shelf.

We were settling into a break from sport for a while.  Maestro  has decided to start back at karate and has decided to give tennis a break over winter this year.  He has been enjoying the club even though he has had to go right back to white belt, but the new club is different to what he was doing previously and his best mate is a brown belt at this dojo.  

Maestro has also been cycling over the summer and doing quite a number of km each weekend and this weekend he set out with one of his mate to ride along the beach bike path heading to Brighton.  They got just past Glenelg when we got a phone call from him to say that he had swerved to miss a woman walking and the bike hit some sand and slid and he rolled off and had hurt his elbow.

Hubby headed down in the car to see what damage had been done and pick him up.  By the time they got back his left elbow was pretty swollen and hubby thought we needed to head to emergency... to tell the truth I didn't think it was too bad as Maestro wasn't making to much of a fuss I thought at worst it was dislocated.  Maestro had a shower and then we piled into the car and headed to the WCH anticipating a long wait in emergency.

3 hours later, after X-ray's and consultation we were told that he had fractured his elbow and he was put in a half cast.  We head back to the Fracture Clinic after Easter for him to be put in a full cast.

He has a kayaking camp in 3 weeks and we just told him he couldn't go but he has other plans and the teacher has said he can go as long as he gets a fibre glass cast.  Hopefully the hospital will just say no.

The sunset at the beach last night was fantastic so I will leave you with a calming picture.


Lorraine said...

Never a dull moment with kids! They are busy aren't they!

Kate said...

I'm playing catch up on blog reading. Sorry to hear about Maestro's fractured elbow. Hopefully it will heal quickly. Congrats to Mo on the win in tennis. I have to agree with Lorraine never a dull moment when you have kids!