24 January 2017

Lowering Expectations

My favourite author has a section in her newsletter called lowering expectations, which lists when her books are to be released and changes that may affect those releases AKA life.

Well life sent us a curve ball on Friday night, though it was really only a matter of time with the number of falls she has had, my MIL fell getting out of bed and broke her hip.  Poor hubby has been going backwards and forwards to the hospital which luckily for us is only a 5 minute trip.  I think we are just hoping they don't discharge her too soon.

Back to lowering your expectations.  Centre block for Celtic Tree of Life is well on the way, however, well on the way is still a bit of a long way away as the tree is going to be quite involved.  Though I have just had a thought, if I can get the actual tree finished by the 15th I might just release the templates for that and then once all the critters and leaves are done release those next month, this way I won't be so under the pump.  I stitched for 2 hours straight last night and can't say I made much of a dent.  So I will soldier on.


P. said...

So sorry to hear about your MIL's fall. May she have a speedy recovery. My father slipped last week and shattered his ankle. He has had one surgery and is awaiting at least one more. I totally get what you're going through.

Your tree is looking wonderful!

Kate said...

Hope your MIL is healing well and that they keep her as long as needed to get her back on the right path. You've got a great start on the stitching. It's already beautiful.