09 January 2017

First Day Back at Work Mehh

Had to get up this morning while the rest of the family slept in and trudge of to work.  At least it wasn't quite the disaster I was expecting mainly because the boss is still on leave and he must of had his phone off today... maybe his wife has put the foot down 😡 which I wouldn't blame her in the slightest.

Its been a lovely couple of weeks off with no schedule though the excessive heat at the end of the last week could have not happened.  There was some mild nagging from DH to plan something for each and every day which I quietly resisted, but we did end up doing stuff even if it was just a walk on the beach, movies, walk down and up Mt Lofty.   On the Mt Lofty trip I  failed miserably and had to turn back, however the other 3 managed it.  DH looked a bit worse for wear and has sworn never to attempt it again but  Mo did't even look like she broke a sweat (we have decided she is a machine).

Mo is running 5km a day on the treadmill and the vegan experiment is going strong.  She is trying lots of different foods and recipes though shopping with her has become a marathon experience, I'll be glad when she is back at school and just leaves me a list.   She says it is a lot of work to research and ensure she is getting enough protein and she wishes someone can just do it for her but it is keeping her busy in the kitchen and at least she isn't cooking cakes anymore which is helping me.

Sewing has been a bit slow over the break, normally I work on a few projects while I am home but I really just lacked motivation, the heat probably didn't help. Block 6 is nearly finished just have to add antenna's to the bees and she's done.  I think I seriously need my eyes tested as I was really struggling during the day now and reading labels have me wondering if my arms are long enough for me to focus.  Joys of ageing.

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Kate said...

The back to work thing is never fun. Sounds like everyone is having a nice break. I'd share our cold if you could share the heat. We've got freezing rain this weekend. At least the roads were good on the way home.