07 May 2018

Girls Getaway

This time last year over a sewing day, 3 girls made a plan to do a sewing road trip to celebrate 2 of us reaching 0 milestones.  Mainly due to my work being nuts and having no backup whatsoever and needing to fit in with everyone else’s family commitments (including my own) the extravaganza has been whittled down to 5 nights down the Coast extending a weekend.

I’ve started narrowing down (well trying to) the projects I’m going to take.  I’m sure I will weaken and decide to take more over the next week and a bit but I’m trying to stick to 4.  As it is there is going to be more sewing stuff than food and clothing going into the car.  They tried to tempt me with a joint project but I was strong.  I really don’t need to start anything new at this stage.

Sue has sent a list of food places to eat and I don’t think we have enough meals to fit them all in.  Someone mentioned taking DVD’s just in case TV is crap as I don’t watch much free to air TV that is a distinct possibility.  My Kindle is stacked with books and I must remember to put in my bluetooth headphones in case I need to listen to some books.

I just got my latest stash builder bundle from Amitie so that has been added to the pile to take.

The projects are:

  • Start Golden Days  all the backgrounds selected and I should eI casily get through the first two blocks to catch up.  
  • Month 5 of Pretty Circle game is all cut out ready to stitch.  
  • Row by Row - I have to restitch one more row this week o I can get the bottom 2/3’s of the quilt stitched together.  
  • The first 5 months of Delilah is cut in prep for hand stitching.  
  • Last Years BOM is going so I can baste it.

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to going and getting away from work which is really getting to me at the moment.  I need to distress just have to get through 6 weeks work in 2 week over the next little while.    

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Kate said...

Sorry work is being such a pain. Mine has been that way lately too. Enjoy your girls trip. Looks like you've got some very fun projects to work on.