27 August 2015

Workshop with the Amazing Wendy Williams

You all know that I am a bit of an embroidery freak so I have been looking forward to the workshop with Wendy Williams since I booked a place, though I was feeling a bit off Saturday morning, luckily I made my self go and got over it within an hour as I got emersed in Wendy's Quilts.

First we received a talk by Kathy Doughty about colour and inspiration then on to 2 full days of Wool Felt instruction with Wendy and I think I have finally mastered colonial knots.  Luckily I photographed them step by step so I can go back to the pictures later.  There was lots of other Wendy specific embroidery stitches and lots and lots of eye candy on show.

I was very tired by the end of the weekend but had an amazing time.

I have included a few detailed shots of Around the Garden above later in the post the detail is spectacular.  


Cardygirl said...

Glad you had fun. My WW workshop helped to reinvigorate my mojo...hope yours is better soon!

Betsy said...

Amanda, is there a pattern source for that stunning top quilt?

Kate said...

Glad you were able to go. That's an amazing quilt. Do you have plans for something using what you learned?